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The history of skiing is contained in the life of the Austrian brand which, after a few years of absence from the market, returns to Austria, where a group of young entrepreneurs revitalize it and want to bring it back to the highest levels, as it once was.

As in the best of traditions, Kastle skis are produced entirely in Austria with highly selected materials of the highest quality, starting from the core wood in first quality ash, up to the high smoothness insole and first choice steel edges. The great technological and aesthetic innovation of Kästle skis lies in the Hollowtech system, a technology based on a cavity in the toe that helps disperse vibrations and move the center of mass towards the sole of the boot. The result is greater handling and precision when cornering. They are very versatile and appreciated by every skier even for those who are technically less advanced but are looking for a high profile ski, with a construction typical only of skis dedicated to athletes or of the highest level.

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