Rent snowboards & boots

Snowboard and boots rental suitable for all types of riders. Our rental offers snowboard Freestyle and Freeride of the best brands and snowboards for beginners that facilitate the learning curve.Cervinia 2001 rent Burton Progression, Process Flying V, Burton boots.
Burton Flying V, K2 e YES for good level snowboarders that search something good to try
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Shop price: 30.00 EUR
Online Quote: 25.50 EUR
Burton Progression boards for beginners and mid level riders.
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Shop price: 20.00 EUR
Online Quote: 17.00 EUR
Burton boards from 80 cm for kids that wanna start to ride
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Shop price: 15.00 EUR
Online Quote: 12.75 EUR
Burton boots of all sizes. Comfort and performance for every rider
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Shop price: 10.00 EUR
Online Quote: 8.50 EUR
Burton Junior boots to wear riders of tomorrow
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Shop price: 8.00 EUR
Online Quote: 6.80 EUR